The Rio Nido Sign is Here–Join Us on Sat at 1pm

HUGE thanks to all of our generous donators for helping us get across the goal line! We could never have done it without the three grants provided by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors through the Advertising Program.

A special thanks to all our donors!

Another round of thanks to the folks who […]

Tracking Fundraising for the Historic Rio Nido Sign–Any donation counts!

(modified photo – RN sign in its future home)

The community of Rio Nido and FRN have a fundraising task in front of us to close the gap between the generous grants we received from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, and our total sign costs. Some excellent progress has been made […]

The Russian River in the early 1900’s

Take a tour of the Russian River resort area through classic postcards featuring the town and beaches of Rio Nido. There is no sound. Thanks to Antiques & Pioneer Relics for sharing this.

Five Russian River Queens from 1927

Here’s a historic image we thought we’d share.

Left to Right: Miss Mirabel, Ida Peterson; Miss Guernewood, Ann Martin; Miss Rio Nido, Helen Hayen; Miss Guerneville, Gladys Burkett; Miss Cazadero, Elsie Ruffino. (Image from the Pacific Coast News Bureau, collection of M Henon)

Historical Rio Nido Postcards & Photos

Your local Rio Nido historians are trying to work through the backlog of photos and documents to upload to our history section. Check back often to see what’s new.

We’ve added sections for photographs, Emil Janel (a very famous Rio Nido artist), the Rio Nido Lodge, post cards sets, and the Benelli Family Photo Album.


Historic View of the Entry and Front Parking Area


Early 1900’s view of the front parking area as you pulled into Rio Nido. The building you see was demolished in 2002 or 2003. If you know more about this photo or have some of your own to share, send us an email at Websters (at) Big thanks to Brett Gibbs and […]

New Historical Photos Added

Thanks to Margaret Benelli for scanning her Aunt Assunta “Sue” Benelli’s album and sharing them with us in Rio Nido. Please check out the Benelli Family gallery. And here’s a photo of Aunt Sue who participated in the Rio Nido ladies footrace.

Canoeing at Rionido Postcard

Here’s a beautiful postcard from the collection of Frank Evans. See more of our postcard and other historical images in the history section. The artist is Pedro J Lemos (1882-1954) and was a founding member of The California Society of Etchers.



The Rio Nido Hotel


Nice view of the Rio Nido Hotel with lanterns and old cars.

Rio Nido Post Office in 1910

Rio Nido Post Office, 1910

Thought we’d share this historic image with you. Is that Memory lane to the right?