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  • The Grateful Dead played Sunday, September 3, 1967
  • Cassondra Bird Combs shares My Hometown: Rio Nido “My magic childhood in California that I spent among redwoods and blackberries will never leave me, even as I leave it.”
  • My great grandmother brought her family, by train to vacation in the
    Russian river around 1920.
    There are many photos of them sitting on the beach, with friends.
    My grandmother and grandfather built their cabin.
    My mother remembers her uncle playing the piano at the Rio Nido Lodge.
    My grandparents enjoyed music and dances there.
    They have fond memories of the Rio Nido Beach,
    the Bowling Alley and Candy store.

    My favorite wood is “knotty pine”,
    My favorite past-time is comic books, monopoly and poker.
    I know what a Gin Fizz is, and how late Grandparents can stay up.
    We have dark nights and colored porch lights.
    I know all the kids wait till after lunch to go to the river.
    I know how to find a salamander, scorpion & centipede.
    I’ve got a rock collection. I love inner-tubes and canoes.
    I layed in a dusty hammock and
    stared up at the Redwoods for a long time.
    I had a tree fort and got poison oak.
    I made life-long friends and know some good stories.
    I roll my car window down to smell the redwoods.
    I smile everytime I turn off River Road
    and see The Rio Nido Lodge.

    These are all the reasons I moved to the River.
    I want to preserve this.

    Lori Lowe