Double-header this weekend at the Rio Nido Roadhouse

Come watch the Fargo Brothers Saturday night and the Super Bowl on Sunday at the Rio Nido Roadhouse.

Don’t forget–parking is on the side and around the back. Don’t let a little extra walk slow you down. Tell your friends!


Tracking Fundraising for the Historic Rio Nido Sign–Any donation counts!

(modified photo – RN sign in its future home)

The community of Rio Nido and FRN have a fundraising task in front of us to close the gap between the generous grants we received from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, and our total sign costs. Some excellent progress has been made […]

Help Keep Rio Nido’s Air Clean!

Here are some clean air tips from the Russian River Alliance and Air Quality District to ensure that this winter won’t be a repeat of last year.

In the winter many of us use wood burning stoves for heat. To be in compliance, after start-up there should be no visible smoke emanating from your chimney. […]

FRN 2015 Calendar–Saturday Member Meetings

Save these dates for the upcoming Friends of Rio Nido Meetings. Location and agenda to be announced a week or two before each meeting.

January 24th, 11am-noon March 28th, 11am-noon May 16th, 11am-noon June 13th, 11am-noon (FRN Board election day!) August 1st, 11am-noon September 12th, 11am-noon November 7th, 11am-noon


January Line-up of Great Bands #707-869-0821 The back patio is definitely a more intimate setting in the winter, perfect for the smaller, less amplified bands. You can still get jazzed up with the bands we’ve booked–blues, jazz, folk, rock. Come dine, drink, and dance. Some of our customers are still singing Unchain Me, Unchain My Heart, and Unchained Melody…park […]