January Line-up of Great Bands

3124321f-1051-4192-87a4-3d704820565dwww.rionidoroadhouse.com #707-869-0821  The back patio is definitely a more intimate setting in the winter, perfect for the smaller, less amplified bands. You can still get jazzed up with the bands we’ve booked–blues, jazz, folk, rock. Come dine, drink, and dance. Some of our customers are still singing Unchain Me, Unchain My Heart, and Unchained Melody…park on the side and around the back. Anything’s better than traipsing through a muddy, rut-filled lot! We’re still here to serve you and having fun while we do it!
(Sneak Preview: Couples’ Valentine’s Night Dinner, Friday, February 13!) 

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