Always Bands and Dancing at the Roadhouse!

14540 Canyon 2 Road ~ (707)869-0821

d337189c-8801-4ce8-9996-0b7c9cc79373   The Organgrinders, a band new to the Rio Nido Roadhouse, plays at the wedding on Saturday. Come dance and have fun!

1st Fridays is a new event at the RNR. We’ll have a small group or solo musician doing acoustic sets on the first Friday of each month–jazz, blues, pop, folk. We ask a $3 donation for the musicians. It’ll be a cool addition to our Friday evenings!5a9225d8-9352-43b0-bee4-d8d300c9f5ec  

Easter Weekend check out the Peep Flingin’ and Diorama Contest on RNR’s Facebook page of events

 Don’t forget–parking is on the side and around the back. Notice how beautifully the various parking areas have been graded and rolled! Space is a premium, so please park accordingly. Thank you, ALL, for your continuing support!

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