Celebrate with the THUGZ this Weekend & St. Patrick’s Day

www.rionidoroadhouse.com 14540 Canyon 2 Road (707)869-0821

     All this week is Restaurant Week. We are offering some mighty nice meals at lunch and dinner during the event. The kitchen would love to feed you!
8490756e-16fc-4690-a900-0a50cb1b9577    Then we have The THUGZ on the 14th, to be followed by Mike & Sylvia (of the THUGZ) on the 17th in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Brad will have the kitchen going with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc. to celebrate.9e28b50f-4d87-4ea4-bb61-72a6fcbb5c62
     Captain Paisley is next on the 21st, with the great music you love from Woodstock and the Fillmore.
     Next up is D’Giin on Sunday, March 22. What a fabulous weekend with two original bands!
And look at the Sneak Preview information about our Annual Peeps Fling and Diorama contests on April 5. Start thinking about your designs!
 Don’t forget–parking is on the side and around the back. Don’t let a little extra walk keep you away.

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