Outdoor Stage open for the Wrecking Bells & Junk Parlor!

www.riodnidoroadhouse.com/events 14540 Canyon 2 Road (707)869-0821

3a516e5c31de81a97395cf309f3fbe95    Both the Wrecking Bells and Junk Parlor play 6-10 p.m., $5 at the door. And BOTH are fun to watch, listen and dance to!3b718ea882411794d271509ebce21e96
You’ve been great with the parking challenge, the front no longer being available. But more than 100 cars parked on the side and around the back to the west for Saturday’s THUGZ show, so we know you can do it! Thanks for your understanding. Please do not park in the Lodge lot or you could get towed away. Really.
Here are some additional summer bands for you to drool over and plan for: Rick Lenzi (Elvis!) and the Roustabouts; Gator Nation; Third Rail; Fleetwood Mask; Petty Theft; the Sun Kings; the Unauthorized Rolling Stones. And more!

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