Meet the Candidates–FRN Election News

Friends of Rio Nido (FRN) member meeting will be held.  All are welcomed to join!

This Saturday, May 16th, from 11am-noon,
at the Bruno Farnocchia Park picnic tables.
Meeting agenda has been posted here.

Two FRN Board seats are open during this election cycle, and check out the excellent FRN Board candidates we have in our midst! Voting will be by mail by for voting FRN Members… instructions to follow via in an email on or before May 20th — balloting will be open until June 12th. (Want to join FRN? Sign up for free here!)

Meet the candidates at this Saturday’s FRN member meeting!

MATT MALIK- Incumbent Vice President
I would like to help in improving our community. Great changes have occurred since FRN came into being. There’s still a lot that needs to be done to ensure a safe and healthy environment for every Rio Nidoan.

I have lived in Rio Nido for 10 years, and in that time have seen lots of changes in our community. Some of them I’ve been involved with personally and others I’ve watched with pride and a warm heart. The one thing I’ve come to realize is that progress is the result of hard work and investment by people. There are wonderful things happening in Rio Nido, and I want to be a participant and give something back to this little village I call home I hope the FRN board will give me that opportunity.

I’ve never written a Statement of Qualifications:
I am a resident of Rio Nido since October 2012.
I love Rio Nido.
I want to see Rio Nido as a community of people who take pride and care in their property, care about their neighbors, and the amenities in the village.
I want to help bolster a strong sense of identity and belonging in our village.
I love the Friends of Rio Nido organization and what it offers Rio Nido.
I have many talents and skills that can be useful as a Board Member.
I have no limitations or disabilities.
I am committed to invest my time and effort to the Board of Directors.
What else? Please don’t laugh me off the table…
I’ll still come to meetings.
Oh! Did I tell you that I just accepted a job in Guerneville working for D&G Equity Management?
Now I don’t have to commute to Santa Rosa anymore. That was disconcerting.

PS. I support our local businesses and the RNHOA.
(I just memorized some details after posting events to the RIONIDO.NET website for over a year now!)

If I were elected to the Friend’s of Rio Nido Board, I would push to expand the work the Board has done to date. Specifically to improve Rio Nido’s standing and perception as a vibrant Russian River community that truly reflects the idea that when you come to Rio Nido, you just visited a little bit of paradise. Some ideas to that end…

  1. More community involvement.
    1. A better understanding from a larger group of Rio Nido residents about what they care about through simple questionnaires may help guide board/community activities that capture more interest and involvement.
  2. More outreach to folks outside Rio Nido to promote the good stuff going on here to combat some of the misperceptions, attract new residents and instill a sense of pride in the community.
    1. Real Estate agents, news outlets outside of Sonoma County, ets.
  3. Expand clean up and beautification activities to be more rewarding to residents rather than a chore.
    1. I.e. add a “Next Door Neighbor Day/Week/Month”. Sort of like an old-fashioned barn-raising day where neighbors helped build a barn for a local farmer. Helps beautify Rio Nido and builds a sense of community. Could be simple like painting a porch, planting flowers, fixing a fence, etc.

I’d like to use my 20+ years experience in marketing at some of the worlds largest ad agencies (McCann-Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT), CNET Networks (sold to CBS), Meebo (sold to Google) and others to truly make a difference in how both people who live in Rio Nido and the outside world feel/perceive Rio Nido.

(listed according to the date of application)

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