Pegasus Theater Announces 2015 Season “Find Your Own Path”
71771_542119029162442_1042786658_n  4444 Wood Road in the historic Rio Nido Lodge  #707-583-2343

This season sees Pegasus Theater Company as a nomadic company. Like all good nomads we need to know where our faith lies, where our food comes from, and what we are willing to sacrifice for survival and what we cannot let fall by the wayside. We will not always make perfect choices but we will always be true to our community and we will always strive to give those around us a voice. Because what is the point of a community theater if it is not deeply rooted in a community. Every nomadic culture knows that the most important thing that you have is your family. We at the Pegasus are committed to our family on this journey and we hope that you continue to journey with us as we pick our path toward the future. CLICK HERE for a list of new plays!

Congratulations Pegasus Theater for selling out both performances of River Time: The Musicalthis weekend! We look forward to seeing your next show “Other Dessert Cities” starting November 28th!

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