Water District Construction Wrapping Up–Related Road Work Begins Soon

Many of you have experienced the ripped-up roads, detours, and torn-up dirt for the past few weeks–the visible evidence of water-line reconstruction to replace aging galvanized pipes with modern PVC. Sweetwater Springs Water District has told the Friends of Rio Nido that the water-line construction is finished; a second phase–of road reconstruction–will commence as weather (both rain and temperature) allows.  This second phase will involve some re-paving, finishing the edges of the roadway, lifting the meter-boxes to the new grade of the road, and grinding out some of the fractured “puzzle-pieces” of road. Rio Nido residents of Canyon 7 and Paradise Lane, now have new C900 PVC water lines–both the main line and the service lines, the district told us.

There is another water-line project planned for Canyon 1; however, this will not take place for a few years at a time to be determined in the future.

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