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Friends of Rio Nido

Friends of Rio Nido seeks to serve the interests of the Rio Nido community through environmental protection, public service, preserving Rio Nido’s historic and unique character, and other areas that enhance the quality of life for the community.

The objectives of this association are:

• To aid in addressing community issues through volunteerism

• A clean and safe neighborhood

• To foster goodwill and cooperation in Rio Nido

• To represent and advance the interests of our residents

• To provide a venue to share information and ideas

Sign up for FRN by filling out filling out the form below or printing out this brochure and mailing it to: Friends of Rio Nido, P.O. Box 184, Rio Nido, California 95471.

Questions? Email or give us a call at 707-200-3761.

FRN meets every 4-6 weeks at various locations in Rio Nido. The meetings have a standing agenda, consisting of announcements, followed by reports from the four committees.

Here’s when we will have the FRN Member meetings (fair weather location at Bruno Farnocchia Park)

  • Sunday Feb 5th, 11am-noon, Rio Nido Roadhouse
  • Sunday March 26, 11am-noon
  • Sunday May 14, 11am-noon
  • Sunday June 18, 11am-noon (FRN Board election day!)
  • July TBD (Special Event! )
  • Sunday August 13, 11am-noon *rescheduled for Aug 20
  • Sunday October 1, 11am-noon
  • Sunday November 5, 11am-noon