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  • Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz (Theater)
    on Nov 28 2014 - at at Pegasus Theater

Spend the Holidays in Palm Springs!

Pegasus Theater #707-583-2343 4444 Wood Road in Rio Nido in the Rio Nido Lodge

Terry Kolkey, Saskia Baur, Sheila Lichirie Photograph by Nick Charles

Terry Kolkey, Saskia Baur, Sheila Lichirie
Photograph by Nick Charles

You can join the Wyeths the day before Christmas when they’re all together at the family home in Palm Springs for the first time in 6 years, by making your reservation online here to see Other Desert Cities. Written by Jon Robin Baitz and directed by Jacquelyn Wells, the play opens November 28 (with a gala opening!) and runs through December 21 at the Rio Nido Lodge.

Come see why this brilliant, many-layered dark comedy was called “the most richly enjoyable new play for grown-ups…in many seasons” by the NY Times.

Please note that the Gala is scheduled for opening night, Friday, November 28. No leftover turkey will be served.

Five Russian River Queens from 1927

Here’s a historic image we thought we’d share.

Left to Right:
Miss Mirabel, Ida Peterson; Miss Guernewood, Ann Martin; Miss Rio Nido, Helen Hayen; Miss Guerneville, Gladys Burkett; Miss Cazadero, Elsie Ruffino. (Image from the Pacific Coast News Bureau, collection of M Henon)EPSON MFP image

Wet Weather Tips from the CHP

If you haven’t yet. Consider signing up for Nixle and receive helpful alerts about traffic, crime, and more. The following is an article the California Highway Patrol recently sent around.

As we enter into Autumn and Winter, the Bay Area weather will bring rain, fog, and snow in some regions. Though the rainfall is very much needed, these weather conditions bring new challenges to our roadways. 

Here are some safe driving tips to help you when the roads are wet:
• Slow down in the rain, fog, and snow. Wet or snowy roads have less traction.
• Increase your following distance, and brake early.
• Always turn your headlights on in inclement weather. Often lights are the only things visible to other motorists!
• Avoid driving through puddles; your vehicle can be stranded in deep standing water.
• Hydroplaning (the loss of contact between tires and the roadway due to standing water) can lead to crashes. If you begin hydroplaning:
o Avoid hard braking movements. If you have to use the brakes, tap them lightly.
o Keep your steering wheel straight; steering is not possible when tires aren’t making contact with the road
o Take your foot off the accelerator.
o When you regain traction, continue driving at slower speeds to avoid future hydroplaning.
• Collisions increase with bad weather. Plan ahead and add extra travel time!
• Never use cruise control in bad weather.

Make sure your vehicle is weather-ready!
• Make sure your tires are properly inflated, in good condition, and have enough tread depth.
• Check your vehicle’s lights, and replace any burnt out or malfunctioning lights.
• Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. Manufacturers recommend replacement at least yearly.
• Keep your windshield, windows, and mirrors clean. Use anti-fogging agents if possible.
• Ensure your vehicle fluids are topped off, including antifreeze coolant, oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

When getting ready for winter trips, make sure you have a full gas tank, an emergency kit, blankets and other warm clothing, snacks and water. Carry chains, a windshield ice scraper, and flares for emergency situations.

The California Highway Patrol reminds you to drive safely, especially as we enter into the holiday season.

Check out their brochure (front and back) on safe driving tips for rain, fog, and snow.

It’s like a mullet: Business in the front…

… PARKING in the back! Wait, what?

Rio Nido Roadhouse has posted an announcement that their lease on the front parking area was not renewed by the owner, and is not available to park in. So, look for PLENTY of parking directly in the back, and on the side streets, being mindful of fire lanes and driveways… and mud puddles.

d6227760-eade-4681-b230-baae48fb8b6614540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido, 707-869-0821,

Saturday, November 15th ~ Levi Lloyd and the 501 Band play 6-10 pm, $5 cover.

Coming soon! The Finnaddicts, D’GIIN, Pulsators, Wrecking Bells and the THUGZ.

Restaurant with daily specials, Full Bar, 15 beers on tap, Sports TV, a pool table, fun & friendly folk. All ages welcome.



Acoustic THUGZ make for cozy @ RNR

14540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido, 707-869-0821, THUGZ Sat Nov 8 @ RNR

      Thanks to all of you who came out to Dine and Donate for the Bill Koenig Fund. Kudos to the community for pitching in!

      The THUGZ are going acoustic on Saturday. Come on out and hear their sound! Same great band! Dance, too.

  PARKING?? In addition to the front lot, there’s excellent parking, around the back to the west beyond the creek. See you soon!

High Jinx ‘n Mule Kicks @RNR

 266f3800-d9d0-4aec-a7f3-6283d9e1409814540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido


October 30th we have our Dine & Donate Rib Dinner Buffet as a benefit for Bill Koenig’s loss of home in the recent fire. We’ll give a big shout-out for the firefighters! $20 per person.            

On the 31st is the ginormous Halloween Party with D’Giin. Wear costumes, win prizes. $10. Have fun.


Miracle Mule performs Saturday night with their distinctive Swampy Tonk Cajun, Country, and Blues, $7. 

PARKING?? In addition to the front lot, there’s excellent parking, around the back to the west beyond the creek. See you this weekend!


Pegasus Theater Announces 2015 Season “Find Your Own Path”
71771_542119029162442_1042786658_n  4444 Wood Road in the historic Rio Nido Lodge  #707-583-2343

This season sees Pegasus Theater Company as a nomadic company. Like all good nomads we need to know where our faith lies, where our food comes from, and what we are willing to sacrifice for survival and what we cannot let fall by the wayside. We will not always make perfect choices but we will always be true to our community and we will always strive to give those around us a voice. Because what is the point of a community theater if it is not deeply rooted in a community. Every nomadic culture knows that the most important thing that you have is your family. We at the Pegasus are committed to our family on this journey and we hope that you continue to journey with us as we pick our path toward the future. CLICK HERE for a list of new plays!

Congratulations Pegasus Theater for selling out both performances of River Time: The Musicalthis weekend! We look forward to seeing your next show “Other Dessert Cities” starting November 28th!

Blues and Oktoberfest at RNR this weekend!

10.18.2014 Levi Lloyd & The 501 Band14540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido


RNR has another busy weekend for you! Of course, you can begin it with Brunch both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9 am! Maybe there will be a baseball game! But certainly you don’t want to miss Levi Lloyd and his 501 Blues Band ~ Saturday night, 6-10 pm. $5 cover.10.19.2014 Oktoberfest at RNR

Sunday is the Oak Grove School’s OKTOBERFEST benefit, featuring lots of games and prizes, plus bratwurst and other good stuff from the kitchen! And the Pyrotones play the music… very smooth, almost every song you know! ALL AGES WELCOME, 1-6 pm.

     PARKING?? In addition to the front lot, there’s excellent parking, around the back to the west beyond the creek. See you soon!

Tapas: 8th Annual New Short Play Festival Closes This Weekend  The closing performance—the matinee on Sunday, October 12, at 4 PM—is our Gala performance. 71771_542119029162442_1042786658_nTickets are $30 for the Gala, for which you will be provided, beginning at 3 PM and at intermission, complimentary champagne from Korbel and a tasty array of appetizers—and, of course, admission to a tantalizing spread of short plays. You can make reservations online here or by calling (707) 583-2343. Reservations can be confirmed only if they are made at least three hours before the performance.

The Rio Nido Lodge is two miles east of Guerneville. Take Canyon 2 Road off River Road, go past the Rio Nido Roadhouse and you’ll see a white Tudor-style building, the Rio Nido Lodge. There are two parking lots to the left of the building: Pegasus patrons should park in the second lot as the main lot is reserved for Lodge guests. Look for our sign on the left side of the building facing the parking lots.

Remember that psychedelic rock from the 60′s? Oh, perhaps you don’t! Captain Paisley will bring it back on Saturday, October 11 at the RNR. 6-10 p.m. $5. Beautiful weather = outdoor stage!

Rick Lenzi & The Roustabouts Tribute Band Play Elvis and Buddy Holly!

RICK-LENZI-canva-11-724x102414540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido  707-869-0821

     Lots of good acts and activities coming up! Rick Lenzi and The Roustabouts do a fabulous job in their tribute to both Elvis and Buddy Holly. Sat., Oct. 4, $12, 6-10 p.m. As a special salute to Memphis, the kitchen will be cookin’ up some finger-lickin’ BBQ! It’ll be a totally delicious night!

      Sunday is the 4C’s Benefit Spaghetti cook- off, featuring lots of great sauce recipes plus the band The Side Effects–for listening and dancing!

     PARKING?? In addition to the front lot, there’s excellent parking, around the back to the west beyond the creek. See you soon!