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The Rain Won’t Soak Your Holiday Festivities @ RNR!

14540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido, 707-869-0821,

63d9c768-116f-4c4e-b785-6f90ad2932d8Don’t miss the THUGZ Holidaze Party on December 20. ALWAYS a lot of fun for everyone. $5 cover. Kids free.

Sunday the 21st is the Annual Cookies & Crafts night. 6 p.m. RSVP 869-0821. FREE.

OPEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY = Keep Brad company!

FYI: There’s no Band on December 27. The RNR will close at 6 p.m. for a private party.

Very soon we’ll let you know what we’re planning for New Year’s Eve.

Just Three More Chances to see Other Desert Cities at Pegasus Theater!

Other Desert Cities is a superbly written dark comedy (with a surprising and uplifting ending), beautifully directed and acted by a true ensemble cast. Make your reservations now…. online at or by calling 583-2343. The show runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm through December 21.

The Russian River in the early 1900’s

Take a tour of the Russian River resort area through classic postcards featuring the town and beaches of Rio Nido. There is no sound. Thanks to Antiques & Pioneer Relics for sharing this.

Storm Resources from the County

(From a recent press release from the county)

Residents are reminded to call 9-1-1 to report all emergencies, and utilize 2-1-1 for non-urgent informational needs.

Shelter Information

Guerneville:  The existing shelter at the Guerneville Veteran’s Memorial Hall, located at the intersection of Church and 1st St., will be expanded by an additional 20-25 beds beginning at 5pm today.  The shelter, operated by the Community and Family Service Agency, will be opened for at least the next 24 hours.

Information on existing and additional shelters can also be obtained through 2-1-1 and the Catholic Charities’ Cold Weather Hotline at 707-800-2027.

Roads Information

Residents are reminded to call 9-1-1 to report any dangerous road conditions that result from the storm, such as downed trees or flooded roads, so that law enforcement can provide traffic control as soon as possible.  To report issues that are not a threat to public safety, residents should call the road maintenance main line at 707-565-5100.

Updates on road closures can be found at

Flood Prediction information

Sandbags available from the County!

The rain, it is a comin’…. A quick heads up that we’ve heard that the County Department of Public Works is providing sandbags to folks in our area. You can pick sandbags up on Wednesday December 10th, at : the Forestville Youth Park (Mirabel Road in Forestville), on Armstrong Woods Road, near the old Rodeo grounds (in Guerneville just North of the fire station) either of the fire stations in Forestville or Guerneville.


Stay safe!



Join in on the FRN parade fun!

Friends of Rio Nido (FRN) is making a last-minute entry in the Guerneville Parade. Here’s the latest if you’d like to join them:

We’re making a late-breaking end run to get an FRN entry for the Guerneville Festival of Lights Parade. The parade is on Saturday, down main street, and starts at 7pm.

If you are available to help us string some lights, blow up some balloons, make signs, etc. meet us at 3pm on Saturday at the Rio Nido Post Office.

If you want to skip the labor, and just join in on the fun and walk in the parade with us, to hand out candy, meet us at the dark green 1967 F100 Ford pickup truck sometime before 6:30pm on Saturday.

EITHER WAY bring a fake beard (or your real one ;) since we’re playing off the “Miracle on 34th Street” theme, which is the theme of the parade this year. Though we may have a few extra beards if you don’t have access to one.


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Get Ready for a Fun, Festive Month!

14540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido, 707-869-0821,

e9dc7417-958d-4055-87ce-80bf44c7ed4bThe Rio Nido Roadhouse is looking pretty festive these days! Terrific bands and fun activities ahead. Saturday night The Pulsators play inside at 6 pm $8 cover ~ All ages welcome! Yes, there’s football, too! Come join us on Sunday for the 1:25 p.m. kickoff of the 49ers-Raiders game. Free appetizers during the game. Let’s cheer our team on to victory! Very soon we’ll let you know what we’re planning for New Year’s Eve. Full Bar, Restaurant, billiards, sports TV, warm cozy fun.

Spend the Holidays in Palm Springs!

Pegasus Theater #707-583-2343 4444 Wood Road in Rio Nido in the Rio Nido Lodge

Terry Kolkey, Saskia Baur, Sheila Lichirie Photograph by Nick Charles

Terry Kolkey, Saskia Baur, Sheila Lichirie
Photograph by Nick Charles

You can join the Wyeths the day before Christmas when they’re all together at the family home in Palm Springs for the first time in 6 years, by making your reservation online here to see Other Desert Cities. Written by Jon Robin Baitz and directed by Jacquelyn Wells, the play opens November 28 (with a gala opening!) and runs through December 21 at the Rio Nido Lodge.

Come see why this brilliant, many-layered dark comedy was called “the most richly enjoyable new play for grown-ups…in many seasons” by the NY Times.

Please note that the Gala is scheduled for opening night, Friday, November 28. No leftover turkey will be served.

Five Russian River Queens from 1927

Here’s a historic image we thought we’d share.

Left to Right:
Miss Mirabel, Ida Peterson; Miss Guernewood, Ann Martin; Miss Rio Nido, Helen Hayen; Miss Guerneville, Gladys Burkett; Miss Cazadero, Elsie Ruffino. (Image from the Pacific Coast News Bureau, collection of M Henon)EPSON MFP image

Wet Weather Tips from the CHP

If you haven’t yet. Consider signing up for Nixle and receive helpful alerts about traffic, crime, and more. The following is an article the California Highway Patrol recently sent around.

As we enter into Autumn and Winter, the Bay Area weather will bring rain, fog, and snow in some regions. Though the rainfall is very much needed, these weather conditions bring new challenges to our roadways. 

Here are some safe driving tips to help you when the roads are wet:
• Slow down in the rain, fog, and snow. Wet or snowy roads have less traction.
• Increase your following distance, and brake early.
• Always turn your headlights on in inclement weather. Often lights are the only things visible to other motorists!
• Avoid driving through puddles; your vehicle can be stranded in deep standing water.
• Hydroplaning (the loss of contact between tires and the roadway due to standing water) can lead to crashes. If you begin hydroplaning:
o Avoid hard braking movements. If you have to use the brakes, tap them lightly.
o Keep your steering wheel straight; steering is not possible when tires aren’t making contact with the road
o Take your foot off the accelerator.
o When you regain traction, continue driving at slower speeds to avoid future hydroplaning.
• Collisions increase with bad weather. Plan ahead and add extra travel time!
• Never use cruise control in bad weather.

Make sure your vehicle is weather-ready!
• Make sure your tires are properly inflated, in good condition, and have enough tread depth.
• Check your vehicle’s lights, and replace any burnt out or malfunctioning lights.
• Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. Manufacturers recommend replacement at least yearly.
• Keep your windshield, windows, and mirrors clean. Use anti-fogging agents if possible.
• Ensure your vehicle fluids are topped off, including antifreeze coolant, oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

When getting ready for winter trips, make sure you have a full gas tank, an emergency kit, blankets and other warm clothing, snacks and water. Carry chains, a windshield ice scraper, and flares for emergency situations.

The California Highway Patrol reminds you to drive safely, especially as we enter into the holiday season.

Check out their brochure (front and back) on safe driving tips for rain, fog, and snow.

It’s like a mullet: Business in the front…

… PARKING in the back! Wait, what?

Rio Nido Roadhouse has posted an announcement that their lease on the front parking area was not renewed by the owner, and is not available to park in. So, look for PLENTY of parking directly in the back, and on the side streets, being mindful of fire lanes and driveways… and mud puddles.

d6227760-eade-4681-b230-baae48fb8b6614540 Canyon Two, Rio Nido, 707-869-0821,

Saturday, November 15th ~ Levi Lloyd and the 501 Band play 6-10 pm, $5 cover.

Coming soon! The Finnaddicts, D’GIIN, Pulsators, Wrecking Bells and the THUGZ.

Restaurant with daily specials, Full Bar, 15 beers on tap, Sports TV, a pool table, fun & friendly folk. All ages welcome.