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Always Bands and Dancing at the Roadhouse!

14540 Canyon 2 Road ~ (707)869-0821

d337189c-8801-4ce8-9996-0b7c9cc79373   The Organgrinders, a band new to the Rio Nido Roadhouse, plays at the wedding on Saturday. Come dance and have fun!

1st Fridays is a new event at the RNR. We’ll have a small group or solo musician doing acoustic sets on the first Friday of each month–jazz, blues, pop, folk. We ask a $3 donation for the musicians. It’ll be a cool addition to our Friday evenings!5a9225d8-9352-43b0-bee4-d8d300c9f5ec  

Easter Weekend check out the Peep Flingin’ and Diorama Contest on RNR’s Facebook page of events

 Don’t forget–parking is on the side and around the back. Notice how beautifully the various parking areas have been graded and rolled! Space is a premium, so please park accordingly. Thank you, ALL, for your continuing support!

Celebrate with the THUGZ this Weekend & St. Patrick’s Day 14540 Canyon 2 Road (707)869-0821

     All this week is Restaurant Week. We are offering some mighty nice meals at lunch and dinner during the event. The kitchen would love to feed you!
8490756e-16fc-4690-a900-0a50cb1b9577    Then we have The THUGZ on the 14th, to be followed by Mike & Sylvia (of the THUGZ) on the 17th in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Brad will have the kitchen going with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc. to celebrate.9e28b50f-4d87-4ea4-bb61-72a6fcbb5c62
     Captain Paisley is next on the 21st, with the great music you love from Woodstock and the Fillmore.
     Next up is D’Giin on Sunday, March 22. What a fabulous weekend with two original bands!
And look at the Sneak Preview information about our Annual Peeps Fling and Diorama contests on April 5. Start thinking about your designs!
 Don’t forget–parking is on the side and around the back. Don’t let a little extra walk keep you away.

Bands, St. Paddy’s, Dancing!  14540 Canyon 2 Road, Rio Nido  (707)869-0821

ddd03284-88ca-4a5c-9a23-886885b4b242    You wanna party? You can’t do better than with The PULSATORS! Best party band around! This Saturday, 6-10 p.m.
    Next up are The THUGZ on the 14th, to be followed by Mike & Sylvia (of the THUGZ) on the 17th in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Brad will have the kitchen going with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc. to celebrate.
     8490756e-16fc-4690-a900-0a50cb1b9577Captain Paisley is next on the 21st, with the great music you love from Woodstock and the Fillmore.
Don’t forget–p9e28b50f-4d87-4ea4-bb61-72a6fcbb5c62arking is on the side and around the back. Don’t let a little extra walk keep you away.

RNR hosts Weekend at Bernie’s,

     That’s what Adam Bernie calls himself… Weekend at Bernie’s. He’s the high-energy keyboardist you see in Levi Lloyd’s 501 Band. Come dine and dance with Adam this Saturday night, 6-10 p.m.45ed3f3b-a958-4058-9100-40d152efcf1a
     The following Saturday, The Honeydippers will return to the RNR with their core R&B sound plus blues, zydeco, reggae and some classic rock and country. Very eclectic!
Remember–parking is on the side and around the back. Don’t let a few extra steps keep you away!

Warm Hearts and Hot Feet at the Roadhouse  14540 Canyon 2 Road Rio Nido 707-869-08217544fc4d-c8ad-444a-afed-2795b8882396

The Wrecking Bells will get you going on Saturday, February 7 with their country, rock, and blues. Lots of energy with this band!

1bbd3277-bd6c-43aa-8c44-e2f1b962d9d6Valentine’s Day weekend is a triple-header with a romantic, Prix-Fixe Dinner and music on Friday night (Reservations 707-869-0821); a steak dinner special, plus Levi Lloyd & the 501 Band on Saturday; and then: D’GIIN’s annual Mardi Gras Party on Sunday, the 15th.

Park around the side or in back and walk through the pool area to avoid the puddles!0a92b3e0-8820-477c-bb0b-4b10cc476fc8 589fa8f8-92a1-45c4-b3bf-6099278aded0

Double-header this weekend at the Rio Nido Roadhouse

Come watch the Fargo Brothers Saturday night and the Super Bowl on Sunday at the Rio Nido Roadhouse.

Don’t forget–parking is on the side and around the back. Don’t let a little extra walk slow you down. Tell your friends!


Tracking Fundraising for the Historic Rio Nido Sign–Any donation counts!

(modified photo - RN sign in its future home)

(modified photo – RN sign in its future home)

The community of Rio Nido and FRN have a fundraising task in front of us to close the gap between the generous grants we received from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, and our total sign costs. Some excellent progress has been made on fundraising, and some updates on the not-yet-quoted costs that were anticipated to be $2,000 or more…As of December 21st, we had received $655 in donations, and needed more than $4,200 in donations.  Since that time:

  • The official estimate for the lane closure has come in at an affordable $400, thanks to the generosity of the owner of Von Renner, Jeff.  (We had been warned by others to  anticipate possibly more than $2k for these costs!)  A huge thanks to Von Renner!
  • The estimates we have for the re-installation of the sign (on a pole, in concrete, big trucks and augers involved) put us at $4,275.47 over our remaining grant funds.
  • Additionally, there are two more estimates pending (one for lane closure, the other from the refurbisher for storage fees given the extensive time it took us to obtain the County permit) which could total another couple of thousand dollars.

We have received a strong showing of support already in donations for the sign. Given the latest details on our total costs, we have already achieved 24% of our fundraising goal! HUGE thanks to our generous donors.

We need some additional assistance to fund the final phases of this project — even just $10 or $20 each counts towards the goal.  Here’s an updated chart with more details on what is included (since this project involves quite a lot more than many not on the Sign Committee would expect):



  • $50 or more, you’ll get an FRN patch,
  • $100 or more, you’ll get a women’s or men’s FRN t-shirt,
  • $250 or more, you get both, and we will thank you publicly at the dedication ceremony and in associated announcements!

Feel free to email us with questions, or you can donate by clicking on the “donate” button below, going to our RN sign website, or sending a check to FRN at PO Box 184 in Rio Nido.

FRN is a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible.
Please help us track your donation properly by mentioning “Rio Nido Sign” either on your check, or on paypal, in the link for “Special instructions to the seller“.
Finally, another shout out to our sign refurbisher, Dick, from Econoline Signs, who made a generous donation by way of reducing the prices for his professional services (i.e. an in-kind donation).
 sign line drawingsignteam

Help Keep Rio Nido’s Air Clean!

Here are some clean air tips from the Russian River Alliance and Air Quality District to ensure that this winter won’t be a repeat of last year.

In the winter many of us use wood burning stoves for heat. To be in compliance, after start-up there should be no visible smoke emanating from your chimney. How do you get a hot clean fire that actually produces more heat for the money and less smoke? Buy dry seasoned wood, keep the wood dry, and have sufficient air getting into the stove (leave door slightly open during start-up), so the fire is hot, versus smoldering.


Our Air Quality board has been responsive to calls made and are making site visits in our area. If you are experiencing poor air quality either from open burns or improperly operated wood stoves, call Air Quality at 707-433-5911, or email

Working together we are making a difference in our air quality.



FRN 2015 Calendar–Saturday Member Meetings

Save these dates for the upcoming Friends of Rio Nido Meetings. Location and agenda to be announced a week or two before each meeting.

  • January 24th, 11am-noon
  • March 28th, 11am-noon
  • May 16th, 11am-noon
  • June 13th, 11am-noon (FRN Board election day!)
  • August 1st, 11am-noon
  • September 12th, 11am-noon
  • November 7th, 11am-noon


January Line-up of Great Bands #707-869-0821  The back patio is definitely a more intimate setting in the winter, perfect for the smaller, less amplified bands. You can still get jazzed up with the bands we’ve booked–blues, jazz, folk, rock. Come dine, drink, and dance. Some of our customers are still singing Unchain Me, Unchain My Heart, and Unchained Melody…park on the side and around the back. Anything’s better than traipsing through a muddy, rut-filled lot! We’re still here to serve you and having fun while we do it!
(Sneak Preview: Couples’ Valentine’s Night Dinner, Friday, February 13!)